Development Trend of Global Auto Parts Industry in 2023

In 2023, while the technology of the automobile industry continues to improve. Automobile manufacturers’ requirements for lightweight components will also increase significantly. Posing new challenges to the manufacturing level and technology of auto parts manufacturers. So, what will happen to the development trend of the globalized automobile industry?


1) Procurement globalization:

In order to enhance their competitive advantages, multinational companies optimize resource allocation on a global scale. Take advantage of global procurement advantages, and reduce costs in development, production, procurement, logistics and other aspects. In order to reduce costs, improve the competitiveness of products in the global market. Manufacturers compare the required parts and components on a global scale in terms of performance, quality, price, and supply conditions. And purchase the best, instead of only purchasing domestically. The practice of parts and components. And parts companies also sell their products to the world, no longer limited to domestic.

2) Industrial chain:

The upstream and downstream collaboration of the industrial chain is closer, and the cooperation model is constantly evolving: To gain an advantage in the increasingly fierce competition, auto parts manufacturers need to have simultaneous development capabilities, processing technologies, and large-scale timely delivery capabilities to promote auto parts companies. Collaboration with downstream OEMs continues to deepen, and the cooperation model continues to evolve. In addition, the cooperation between auto parts companies and upstream suppliers will also be closer. Delivery capabilities and competitiveness will be improved through timely sharing of production plans and overall arrangement of raw material inventory.

For example, Huawei is currently actively developing in-depth cooperation with host manufacturer Cyrus. The two parties will jointly build a joint technology development center at the technology and product levels. In order to improve the quality of after-sales service and sales experience, Celes and Huawei have established a channel, user and data sharing mechanism. Cyrus can take advantage of Huawei’s sales system to open up online and offline channels; it can realize data sharing through Huawei’s automotive smart terminals.

3) The development of energy-saving vehicles

new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles accelerates the breakthrough of core technologies in the industry: the global market vigorously promotes the development of energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles, which accelerates the breakthrough of core technologies of auto parts and helps the development of auto parts.

Development of parts industry. TomTom, Bosch and Daimler announced the joint research and development of an advanced driver assistance system – predictive powertrain control (PPC) system, which can help reduce the fuel consumption of each truck by 5%; Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd. for new energy The motor of the car has developed an ultra-high-speed roller bearing, which is expected to extend the cruising range of electric vehicles and reduce power consumption; Tenneco Inc has developed an innovative wear-resistant material that can make various engine materials withstand high temperatures Work, thereby reducing dependence on cobalt materials; Honda R&D Institute cooperated with Autodesk, using generative design (generative design, generative design and iterative design) can greatly change the traditional design specifications and successfully reduce the weight of the engine crankshaft by half.



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