Do you know what the engine construction looks like? Wenzhou Trans Cosy auto parts tell you some.

  • An engine is a complex machine compose of many mechanisms and systems. The mechanisms and systems must be provided, to make sure complete the energy conversion & realize the work cycle.

  • The gasoline engine contain two major mechanisms and five systems:

                   The crank connecting rod mechanism,

                          The valve train, the fuel supply system,

                           The lubrication system,

                           The cooling system,

                           The ignition system

                           The starting system.

The diesel engine contain two major mechanisms and the four major systems. It has crank connecting rod mechanism, valve                                 mechanism, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system and starting system. The diesel engine is compression                                   ignition and does not need ignition system.

  • The engine is a machine that converts a certain type of energy into mechanical energy. The function is to convert the chemical energy of liquid or gas combustion into thermal energy after combustion. It converts the thermal energy into mechanical energy through expansion & output power.  The engine has many structures and systems.


  • Crank connecting rod mechanism

The crank connecting rod mechanism contains cylinder block & head, piston & connecting rod, crankshaft &flywheel. This is the engine that generates power and converts the linear reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the crankshaft to output power to the outside.


  • Valve Seat

The valve Seat contain  intake valve, exhaust valve, valve spring, tappet, camshaft and timing gear. The Function is filling fresh gas to cylinder.


  • Fuel supply system

There are gasoline engine fuel supply system and diesel engine fuel supply system.

The gasoline fuel supply system has two types: carburetor type and fuel direct injection type. The commonly used carburetor type fuel supply system consists of fuel tank, gasoline pump, gasoline filter, carburetor, air filter, intake and exhaust. It contains an air manifold and an exhaust muffler. Its function is to supply the prepared combustible mixture into the cylinder and control the amount of combustible mixture entering the cylinder to adjust the output power and speed of the engine. Expel the cylinder.

The fuel supply system of diesel engine has fuel tank, fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, diesel filter, intake and exhaust pipe and exhaust muffler.  To adjust the output power and speed of the engine. After combustion, the cylinder discharge the exhaust gas.

  • Cooling system

The motor vehicles need the water-cooled. The water-cooled type has a water pump, a radiator, a fan, a thermostat etc. Its function is to use the circulation of the cooling water to dissipate the heat of the high-temperature parts to the atmosphere through the radiator.  As to maintain the normal electric motor of the engine. Operating temperature.


  • Lubrication system

The lubrication system consists of oil pump, filter, oil passage, oil pan, etc. Its function is to distribute lubricating oil. To the friction surface of each relatively moving part to reduce friction. Slow down the wear of parts, clean and cool the friction surface.

  • Ignition system

In a gasoline engine, electric spark ignites the combustible mixture in the cylinder. The head of the spark plug extends into the combustion chamber. All equipment that can generate sparks between the electrodes of the spark plug on time which named the ignition system. The ignition system has batteries, generators, distributors, ignition coils and spark plugs.



  • Starting system

The starting system consists of a starter and a starting relay, etc.  To start the stationary engine and turn it into a self-running state.


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