How often to change car oil

How often to change car oil? As the social economy is getting better and better, cars can be seen everywhere on the road now. We all know that cars burn oil, just like human blood. Do you know how often the car oil is changed? What are the steps to fuel a car?


 1. How often should the oil be changed?


  • How often to change the oil is a question that car owners often think about. In fact, it depends on two situations. If you’re a new car, it’s fine to apply VW oil completely. The longer you drive, the more you have to choose a better quality and higher grade oil in the early stage. This car deserves maintenance, that’s for sure. One thing is for sure, though, that both new and used cars will be taken care of. Just like a child grows up, food and complementary food should also be taken care of.
  • Also, it has to do with the way you drive. If you only drive on flat roads in the city, it is no problem to change more than 10,000 kilometers. If you often run on uneven roads or run at high speed, change to seven or eight thousand kilometers.
  • Used car: Mineral oil 5000 km, semi-decomposed oil 7500-10000 km, fully decomposed oil 10000-12000 km. If the vehicle environment is stubborn, extend the mileage appropriately.
  • New car: The first warranty for a new car, the first replacement according to the instruction manual. Some brands require less than 3,000 kilometers in 2 months, and some require less than 7,500 kilometers in 6 months. During the request period, change it as early as possible; after the second insurance, change the oil. After the first insurance, the second oil change should be carried out as far as possible within 5000 kilometers. Or the reason to replace the metal chips. From the third time onwards, the redemption of the above mileage will be stopped.
  • Oil is an indispensable element in engine operation. Once the oil runs short or goes bad, you’ll be waiting for major problems like engine failure in your car. Therefore, it is necessary for car owners to regularly check the oil level.
  • Refueling steps: If the oil level is below the minimum mark of the dipstick, you need to refuel. Unscrew the oil cap counterclockwise and add the prepared oil to the engine until the dipstick is removed again to check if the oil level is in the normal position. Reinstall the oil cap and close the hood.


2 When should the engine oil be changed?

The engine is always running when the car is in use. At this time, all parts need to be lubricated with oil to prevent damage to the parts. However, the oil should be changed after a certain period of use or kilometers. How can we tell if the oil should be changed?

  • Whether or not to replace the specific oil is best based on the maintenance manual, and then make a rough guess based on the actual use. Even if it is time to replace, it will not be effective if it is pushed back for about ten days and a half. Many naturally aspirated cars use mineral oil, which is the worst oil. Generally, it needs to be replaced after driving 5000 kilometers. When approaching 5000 kilometers, we should always pay attention to whether the quality of the oil has changed. You can check the oil dipstick when you run hundreds of kilometers or thousands of kilometers to wash the car.
  • As for turbocharged cars, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic oils are usually used. The oils are of good quality. Generally, it can be replaced after driving to 7500 to 10000 kilometers. However, in your spare time, you can watch the oil gauge drop. Although it looks more troublesome, it is also very convenient to operate, not to mention your own car, you must try your best to maintain it.
  • Oil quality problems, viscosity drop and excessive time can be detected in actual use. When such a problem occurs, the car will also be reflected in these aspects, such as loud noise, weak acceleration, difficult starting, slow warm-up, etc., it may only involve the oil problem. If there is no engine oil burning, oil leakage and other problems, there will be no problems in general maintenance, and the oil filter element should also be replaced when the oil needs to be changed.
  • Although car oil is very important, the car is not a paper paste. As long as the car has no hidden quality problems, it can be regularly maintained according to the instructions. If you get into the habit of checking the dipstick regularly, you should be fine.


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